The Acai berry and pomegranates are two of essentially the most pointed out superfoods within the health food industry. each are an ideal natural source for many important vitamins and minerals. The query is; if you could handiest use one or the other which is better? this article will pit these two superfoods against each and every other and assist you to decide which one to pick.

in the a long way corner sporting The purple Trunks we’ve The Pomegranate!

The pomegranate is a candy and tart tasting fruit that is native to Iran and northern India. there are numerous tales and legends surrounding this fruit, and it has been mentioned that Helen of Troy used pomegranates to assist make her extra beautiful. those legends all have some truth at the back of them, since the pomegranate is among the healthiest fruits in the world. listed below are one of the vital primary benefits you get from eating pomegranates:

  • Has a excessive level of antioxidants (10,500 on the ORAC Assay)
  • Is rich in diet C, A, E and folic acid
  • Reduces plaque in arteries and raises the levels of excellent ldl cholesterol
  • Prevents enzymes from destructive cartilage
  • Fights most cancers cells
  • Slows down ageing

these all sound nice; now let’s take a look at how Acai stacks up

in the near corner sporting The purple Trunks now we have The Acai Berry!

Acai is a small red berry that is native to the Amazon Rainforests. it’s a staple for the native individuals, and has lately exploded in reputation world wide. It has an important flavor that’s much like a mixture of chocolate and berries. here is a have a look at what form of advantages that you would be able to get from Acai:

  • Has a excessive level of antioxidants (18,four hundred on the ORAC Assay)
  • is a superb supply for crucial fatty acids
  • gives a boost of energy just like coffee (without caffeine
  • Fights most cancers cells
  • Slows down getting old
  • comprises excessive ranges of fiber, amino acids, and vitamins C, E, and B

these are some beautiful highly effective advantages from somewhat berry, but are it sufficient to defeat the pomegranate?

And The Winner Is…

In a very close resolution i’ve to provide the win to the Acai berry. The figuring out factor is that Acai has a higher count of antioxidants (18,four hundred vs 10,500). most of the advantages derived from these two fruits is in accordance with their antioxidant energy, so Acai takes that category fingers down. The energy improve may be very useful for nearly everybody, in order that helps make it the extra neatly-rounded superfood. the one part pomegranates have is its capacity to protect your cartilage and prevent arthritis.


source by means of Carter Sinclair