“Violet has the shortest wavelength of the spectrum. in the back of it, the invisible ultraviolet. Roses are crimson, Violets are Blue. bad violet, violated for a rhyme.” — Derek Jarman

pink represents the balance of crimson’s stimulation and blue’s calm. This duality can lead to agitation or  anxieties except the color is obviously defined, at which level the crimson takes on its traits. With a way of mystery  and royal characteristics, purple is a color incessantly neatly preferred via very inventive or eccentric folks and is the favourite colour of adolescent girls.

We steadily correlate red with the lovely, soothing aroma of lavender and that’s most probably why it has calming, uplifting, ingenious and non secular traits…

individuals who buy a red automobile are stated to be ‘creative, individualistic, unique’.
From the colour resolution e book by Leatrice Eiseman

ultimately, Elisabeth Taylor and Prince in fact, liked the colour!