Purple pictures8 

Should you intend to make use of purple in trade  you need to understand the characteristics of the colour together with its subliminal meanings because the messages the colour sends to your clients can have an enormous influence on its success.

This colour suggests wealth and extravagance, fantasy and the world of dreams and enhances spiritual interests and enlightenment  because it combines  the vitality and potential of purple with the spirituality and integrity of blue.

It strengthens individual’s sense of beauty and  creativity.

If you are in a service industry, use some purple in your advertising and marketing, this way,  you will  advertise yours as a premium service provider. You may have seen  this colour  regularly being used to promote a top of the range products  such as  chocolate or some ladies’s beauty merchandise.

It is usually connected with the younster’s  market as they see it as sexy and rebellious and is also synonym with  sophistication and power.

That explains why it is most frequently utilised by companies in creative fields, psychics and beauty products.

Finally, it is a simple but fashionable  and easy to wear colour as  it  goes well with a variety of colours; gold, taupe, turquoise, jade green, deep purple, magenta and yellow; combined with orange it creates a unique and elegant style.


Purple connotations in industry:

  • psychic and intuitive
  • humanitarian, selfless and limitless
  • mystery, fable and the future
  • creative, ingenuous and inventive

Poor purple connotations in industry:

  • immaturity
  • impractical
  • cynical and aloof, pompous and smug
  • fraudulent and corrupt
  • allusions of grandeur and social climber